I rather not talk in third person when it comes to my own “biography”. I take pride when it comes to telling people who I really am, and where I really come from. I have an addiction when it comes to creating pandemonium; which plays a big part of who I really am as a DJ. When I first touched those turntables it was an immaculate conception for me. It all started after I saw what a DJ did at block party in Brooklyn, NY in 1990. He started playing the record,The Rhythm is Gonna Get You by Gloria Estefan and spun the record back twice. That created a lot of energy and the whole block was going crazy. I was so curious to see how he was creating those sounds. I immediately ran over and asked how he did that to the record. He took my hand, grabbed the record and spun the record back again. The whole block erupted. My body froze and I felt this energy in my gut and soul; which felt amazing. I couldn’t even go to bed that night. I was a different creature after that day.

I begged and cried to my parents for years to get me turntables. They finally gave in on Christmas Day. I got a pair of Technics 1200’s and the Funk Master Flex Mixer. When I was a good boy, my mother would take me to Deca Dance & Rock N Soul once a week for records. My DJ career began at the age of fifteen. I started out in a few teen clubs in Long Island. My big mouth as a kid finally paid off. I was able to work my magic and get introduced to the big time promoters. With the promoters on my side, I took my records over to some pretty important DJ booths in New York City. With the help of those maniacs, I was fortunate enough to rock; The Tunnel, Sound Factory (Pacha), Twilo, Roxy, Limelight and Exit to name a few. This all happened before I even turned eighteen. A major part of who I am as a DJ and a person comes from those incredible days.

I already knew how to make music and I wanted to dig a little deeper, especially when it came to creating art. I attended The French Culinary Institute in Soho, NY. I decided to go to culinary school rather than recording and engineering school. At first I just wanted to learn how to cook sophisticated dishes. I soon learned that there is a philosophy about the importance of consistency in cooking and creating music. Music, food and art are my true passions. My three passions are all connected and allow me to explore my creative side. I have always believed that being a chef and a DJ were almost interchangeable. Both chefs and DJ’s are always in search for the perfect dish or the perfect mix. My grandfathers were both chefs with massive record collections ironically. I guess you can say a lot of this is my blood.

I am and will always be an electronic DJ, trapped in a hip-hop DJ’s body. It may sound like an odd couple, but my two favorite DJ’s growing up were DJ Premier and Richie Hawtin. As a kid, I ate my breakfast, lunch and dinner with my turntables. Now as an adult I eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner surrounded by my turntables, laptop, a few keyboards and a pro tool set. Not much has changed, except for that fact I developed an imagination that some may call a concealed weapon. Everyday I stop and ask myself this question, was Gloria Estefan right? Did the rhythm really get me that night?